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What is a web proxy ?

It is simply a website which takes the client's URL, initiate a request on behalf of the client to the targeted URL and then return its content to the client. Since it is the web proxy that sends the request to the URL, the website record the ip address of the proxy and not of the client. This system thus allow the client to surf anonymously and protects the privacy of the individual.

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http://securefor.com20444 years

An advantage of a proxy server is that its cache can serve all users. If one or more Internet sites are frequently requested, these are likely to be in the proxy's cache, which will improve user response time. In fact, there are special servers called cache servers. A proxy can also do logging.

The functions of proxy, firewall, and caching can be in separate server programs or combined in a single package. Different server programs can be in different computers. For example, a proxy server may in the same machine with a firewall server or it may be on a separate server and forward requests through the firewall.

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The sites listed below include a few links to proxy websites. If you find that proxy websites are also blocked, look for the newly-created ones that would not have ended up on your administrator's banlist - yet.

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